Sam & Pierce // Watercolor, FL

THIS wedding... I don't even know where on earth to begin with these two.


Sam and Pierce - you guys are truly the epitome of "frients" (clients/friends - see what I did there?) and your wedding was nothing short of magical. From the bonfire rehearsal dinner to the tweens crashing your reception and taking selfies with all of your guests - it was by far one of the most fun weddings I've had the pleasure of being a part of. Your family was so welcoming and kind - I think I actually took selfies with half of your guest list - though, Aunt Pam was always missing when it came time for family photos lol

I find myself so extremely thankful for clients like the two of you and humbled by the genuine love you two share as well as the affection your friends & family have for you. I truly hope you enjoy these photos as much as I sincerely enjoyed taking each and every one of them <3


I wish you both a lifetime of love and laughter - and cannot wait to see where this thing called life takes you!


Just a little taste of their special day... enjoy :)